Heating Bill Too High This Winter?

Thermostat in Snow
Don’t Break the bank to avoid freezing this winter!

Dealing with cold, yucky weather for months on end is hard enough. But paying more for heat just makes it worse. Here are some tips for saving cash on your heating. As a result, you can go therapy shopping to get you through the winter misery. 

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Power Through for a Last Minute Gift!

This past Autumn many of us found ourselves without power due to severe thunderstorms that had been hitting the area. Those of us who grew up in the Midwest have come to expect wild weather that can leave us without power for hours or even days. Strong winds and violent storms during the spring and summer months, blizzards in the winter months, and not to mention the extreme hot and cold temperatures that can cause issues and lead to power outages. Fortunately, you do not have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature any longer. Investing in a whole-house standby generator can keep the lights on when the weather starts to act up.

power outage

Reasons to Consider a Standby Generator:

1. When the Power Goes Out, the Generator Kicks On:

Standby generators connect right into your electrical system and are constantly monitoring for power outages. So when the power goes out, your standby generator will kick on. It’s that simple!

2. Prevent a Flooded Basement:

Sump pumps are vital in the battle against the nightmare that is a flooded basement. Unfortunately, most sump pumps require electricity in order to operate and when the power stops flowing, your sump pump stops working. This leaves your basement vulnerable, especially during stormy weather.


3. Save Money By Saving Your Groceries:

A standby generator can keep your major appliances running when severe weather comes raging through. This means that your refrigerator will keep your food cold and fresh. Your AC and/or furnace will keep your family comfortable and your other vital electronics will stay with you until the power comes back on.

4. You Won’t Lose Access to Your Entertainment and Communication Devices:

Power outages tend to mean that you’re left sitting in the dark without a TV, home phone or any other way to communicate with the outside world, or entertain yourself, your kids, family, or loved ones. Sure, you may have your Smartphone, but what happens when the battery dies and you can’t charge it? The correctly sized standby generator can help prevent you from becoming disconnected during extreme weather.lightning-589704_960_720

 5. Stay Calmer During Rocky Weather:

Stormy weather can be scary enough all on its own for small children, pets or even some adults. The situation can become outright terrifying if the lights suddenly go out. Keep the whole family a little calmer during rough weather, by ensuring the lights stay on!

Portable Generators Vs. Standby Generators:

A typical portable generator usually runs on gasoline and has to be manually setup each time the power goes out. A whole house standby generator connects right into your home’s electrical system and will turn itself on automatically if the power goes out. Portable generators are extremely loud and require an exterior fuel source, thus are not safe inside or convenient in an emergency; whereas standby generators are much quieter and activate right away during an outage.

Plus, standby generators come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. You can choose a smaller unit and only power your most important appliances and circuits, or you can purchase a unit large enough to power your whole home.

Tiger Electrical Services is now providing whole home generators to keep the power on.

A generator provides peace of mind during dark times. If for any reason the electrical supply to your home is interrupted, a generator will power to multiple appliances for hours. While residents of the Metro East expect wild weather, strong winds and violent storms during the spring months, and harsh blizzards in the winter months, these weather conditions can leave many without power. Even this past autumn, many of us found ourselves without power due to severe weather.

Fortunately for you, Tiger offers true 24/7 emergency service and preventative maintenance programs and services, such as generator installations, to ensure you will no longer have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Investing in a standby generator can keep the lights on when the weather starts to act up.

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Happy New Year! Here Are Some Resolutions for Your Home

The New Year is upon us and everyone is busy preparing for their New Year resolutions. But don’t forget that your home might need a few resolutions as well. Make your home feel shiny and new again with these remarkable New Year resolutions!


1. Clean Your Dryer Vent

This is an important New Year resolution for your home because the dryer vent is often overlooked. A dirty dryer vent not only costs you money, due to being inefficient and causing you to run your dryer for longer periods of time, but a dirty dryer vent is also a major fire hazard. There are nearly 16,000 house fires each year caused by lint trapped in dryer vents. So don’t forget to have those dirty dryer vents cleaned periodically.

2. Check Your Sump Pump

A properly functioning sump pump is absolutely essential to preventing a flooded basement.  You want to check your sump pump regularly to ensure that everything is flowing smoothly.

3. Protect Your Home with Motion Detector Lights

Having an Electrician install motion detector lights is an effective way to protect your home from potential theft. Motion detector lights are also extremely helpful when you need a little extra light at night.

4. Remember Surge Protectors are Your Friend

This New Year invest, in some powerful surge protectors. Surge protectors protect your electronics and appliances from power surges. Which means by simply plugging your electronics into surge protectors, you can save thousands of dollars by not needing to replace your devices every time a surge hits.

5. Change Your Filter Monthly

Regularly changing your filter is the best way to prolong the life of your furnace and air conditioning units. Plus, your heating and cooling equipment will run more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly power bill.

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Hosting this Holiday Season? Here’s Some Tips to Get You Through

Hosting friends and family during the holidays can be a lot of fun. But hosting can also cause a lot of stress. All of that running around and those last minute preparations can really suck a lot of the joy out of the hosting experience. The good news is that hosting doesn’t have to be a major headache. Here are some simple tips to help make this holiday season a  little less stressful.christmas-present-83119_960_720

1. Don’t pass your stress onto your oven

If you’re doing a lot of baking/cooking for the holidays, it’s already too late for you to run your oven’s self-cleaning mode. The self-cleaning mode puts a lot of stress on your oven. So if you follow a self-cleaning cycle with heavy oven usage; it’s very likely that your oven won’t perform at its peak levels. Even worse, your oven might flat out fail you, right when you need it the most.

2. Make sure there’s plenty of room in your fridge

Before you get started in the kitchen, clean out your fridge and make sure you have enough room for everything. There’s nothing that adds more stress than coming home from the store with all of your cooking supplies and having nowhere to put them.

3. Don’t give your in-laws added ammunition

When cleaning your home, don’t forget about the following areas:

  • Shower Curtainsflame-580342_640
  • Shower heads and faucets
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Drains (one of the most overlooked places in a bathroom when it comes to cleaning)
  • Your garbage disposal, so you can avoid unpleasant odors
  • Your porch
  • The base of your toilet
  • Your burners

4. Have your pipes fixed, before it’s too late

Even the smallest plumbing issue can turn into a huge disaster once your home is overrun with visitors. Save yourself a major headache by having one of our plumbing experts address all of your plumbing concerns before your guests arrive!

5. Be a hosting superstar by having extras on hand

If you’re having guests over, there’s a decent chance that someone will forget something fairly important. Keep extra of the following on hand, to avoid a mad dtoothbrush-674650_640ash to store.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Deodorant (a cheap spray can, one for men and one for women, will do the trick)
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Floss
  • Etc.

6. Make sure outlets are easily accessible

You can pretty much count on all of your guests bringing smartphones, tablets, portable video games, laptops, etc. And they will all need places to charge those electronics. So, makes sure that your outlets aren’t blocked by furniture or decorations.

7. Make a list of things you don’t want to run out of and make sure you stotoilet-paper-671937_640ck up!

  • Toilet paper (you don’t want to run out on a day when most of the stores are closed)
  • Tissues (we are entering cold and flu season)
  • Aspirin/Ibuprofen
  • Snacks/food
  • Anything else you think you might need

8. Don’t underestimate the power of keeping it simple

It’s tempting to see a ton of fun holiday ideas on Pinterest and want to do them all. But trying to over do it when hosting is the biggest cause of stress. Don’t be afraid to trim a few things off of your to-do list. You’ll be more relaxed and able to enjoy the festivities you helped create.

9. You won’t win any hosting awards if you buy the cheapest toilet paper you can find

 Toilet paper is something your guests will barely notice unless you select super cheap, thin and overall unpleasant feeling TP.


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Winter is Coming! Just Kidding…It’s Already Here

Winter is everyone’s favorite time of year. Just kidding! Winter is a rough season for those of us who live in the Midwest. All of that snow, ice, frigid winds, bitterly cold temperatures. Plus all of the fun that accompanies the unpleasant weather. Like; icy windshields, frozen pipes, high heating bills, snow covered driveways, cold and flu season, etc. winter can be a long, miserable three months. Not to mention, expensive! The good news is that there are several things you can do to help cut the costs of staying warm and comfortable this winter.windshield-245281_640The cost of heating your home is by far your biggest expense during the winter months, but there are ways to cut down on your costs.

  • Change your filter at least once a month, to help ensure that your furnace runs as efficiesmall_8121287668ntly as possible.
  • Setting your programmable thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees when you’re not home, can save you up to 15% on your heating bill.
  • To keep the warm air flowing freely, be sure to clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed. Remember to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes.
  • Place heat-resistant radiator reflectors between exterior walls and the radiators.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds on your windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter your home. And close them at night to help keep heat inside and reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.
  • Leave your oven door open after you’re done cooking (and you’ve turned your oven off). This allows the heat from your oven to help warm your home.
  • Eliminate trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season; if unsure about how to perform this task, contact a professional.

Keeping the heat inside and the cold outside can be tricky, especially if you have an older home. Here’s a quick checklist to help you keep winter out of your home.

  • Make sure that your home is well insulated! If it’s not, you’re just throwing money away.
  • Place towels, pipe insulation or some other form of thick material at the bottom of your exterior doors. This will help prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from pouring in.
  • Have an Electrician install foam installation behind your electrical plate covers and outlets.
  • Inspect window and door frames for cracks, that can let the winter air in.

Frozen pipes can spell disaster for your home and your wallet! Take the necessary precautions to protect your plumbing.

  • First and ffrozen-pipeoremost, make sure that you have turned off all of your outdoor water supplies.
  • Make sure that you disconnect and put away any outdoor hoses.
  • Insulate your water heater and any pipes on your home’s exterior.

Looking for a more long-term solution to lower your winter energy costs?

  • A new and more energy efficient furnace will provide you with major long term savings on your heating bill each winter.

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