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Burn Awareness, Prevention and Your Family’s Safety

The first week of February is Burn Awareness Week and the gflame-580342_640oal is to educate people on how they can protect themselves and their family from burns and scalds. A burn can occur just about anywhere, at any time. the dangers are everywhere but by being aware of them, you can take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is a good place to start in the fight against burns and scalds.

First and foremost it isburn important to know that electricity is dangerous. Electrical burns can result when a person touches electrical wiring or equipment that is used or maintained improperly. Typically, such burns occur on the hands. Electrical burns are one of the most serious injuries you can receive. They need to be given immediate attention. Additionally, clothing may catch fire and a thermal burn may result from the heat of the fire. Electrical burns do not always show on the skin and when they do they often appear minor. However, damage can extend deep into the tissues and organs beneath your skin. Other more severe injuries can also occur from electricity and should be treated immediately.

Scalds are another major concern when it comes to burn awareness. In the home, s216740calds are more likely to occur in the kitchen or bathroom. But there are a few precautions you can take to help prevent scalds. The first step is to ensure that your water heater is set at a safe level. Most water heaters allow you to set the temperature but have a manufacture default water heating setting. It is best to set the temperature yourself and ensure that it’s not hotter than 115-120 degrees F. By lowering the water temperature settings, you’ll reduce the risk  of scalding water burns. If you’re not sure how to set your water heater temperature our professional plumbers will be happy to help! And be sure to ask about an Anti-Scald Device for added safety!

There are other stepkitchen-345707_640s you can take to protect yourself from scalds in the kitchen. Allow food and beverages time to cool before consuming. Use caution when removing items from the microwave. Also use oven mitts when removing items from the stove or oven. And avoid putting your face or other body parts over a steaming pot.

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Don’t Get Burned!

Don’t Get Burned! 
An Anti-Scald Device Will Protect Your Family

Hot-water-handleIn homes where there is a high demand for hot water, homeowners often turn up the temperature on their hot water heaters to meet this need, sometimes well beyond the 120 degree Fahrenheit factory setting considered safe. Temperatures higher than this can cause severe scalding. At highest risk are children and elderly or disabled persons.

In such situations, installing an anti-scald device is an affordable way to protect against this risk. Call us today at 1-866-TIGER70 to learn more about protecting your family.

Scalding Facts

  • Hot water scalds account for 20% of all burns
  • More than 2,000 American children are treated for scalds each year
  • Scalding accidents occur most frequently in the bathrooms and kitchens where they are most preventable
  • Scalding leads to additional injuries such as heart attacks, shock, falls, and serious broken bones, particularly among the elderly
  • Scalding and other burns require the most expensive treatments: long hospital stays, costly skin grafts, and plastic surgery
  • Most U.S. states now mandate some form of anti-scald measures in building codes

Source: ShrinerBurnsHospital