Modulating Furnace Benefits

Blue Furnace Burners

We have come a long way in heating since the early days of gathering wood for a fireplace. Nowadays, we can be grateful for gas-fired furnaces that keep us warm. And with the creation of the modulating furnace, there’s even more benefits.

Furnace technology itself has developed over the years. If yours is nearing the end of its life, call us at Tiger to have it replaced! Continue below to learn more about the benefits of modulating gas furnaces.

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7 Reasons You Need to Maintain Heating Equipment

Tech Maintain Heating Equipment
One of our qualified techs would love to assist with your furnace issues!

To ensure it runs properly, you need to maintain heating equipment. When you spend money on a car, you make sure to stick to the maintenance schedule as closely as possible. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle runs longer, more efficiently and uses less fuel. The same applies to heating equipment. Continue reading to learn the many benefits of maintaining your heating equipment.

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Heating Bill Too High This Winter?

Thermostat in Snow
Don’t Break the bank to avoid freezing this winter!

Dealing with cold, yucky weather for months on end is hard enough. But paying more for heat just makes it worse. Here are some tips for saving cash on your heating. As a result, you can go therapy shopping to get you through the winter misery. 

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A Furnace Tune-Up Will Get Your Home Ready for this Year’s Heating Season!

Inspecting furnaceLast Sunday marked the first official day of fall. And although temperatures are still relatively warm in the Glen Carbon area, we all know how quickly winter can sneak up on us. One of the best ways you can get your home ready for winter weather is to schedule a furnace tune-up. Today we’re going to talk about why a furnace tune-up is so important and go over some of the important tasks that are included in a tune-up from Tiger Services!

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