Do I Really Need A Whole Home Water Filtration System?

The safety of our drinking water has been a major concern lately and you’re likely looking for a way to make sure your water is safer. So, you may be wondering if a whole home water filtration system is right for you and your family.Water Filtration System

Well, the first question you need to answer before deciding whether or not to have a whole home water filtration system installed is… what is in my water?

The types and levels of contaminants in your drinking water will depend on several factors; do you use citwatery tap water or does your water come from a well? Where is your water supplied from, i.e. a lake or a river? How old your water supply pipes are and what they’re made of?

Keep in mind that all water sources contain some level of contaminants. These contaminants can vary from naturally existing minerals to man-made pollutants and chemicals. So it doesn’t really matter if you have tap water or rely on a well, there is some kind of contaminate in your water. What’s important is the type and levels of these contaminants.

Groundwater from wells or public water sources is vulnerable to a variety of different pollutants. Contamination of groundwater can happen when pollutants seep into the soil and find their way to water sources, water sources that we use in our own homes. Major causes of groundwater contamination come from landfills, leaking septic and underground storage tanks, pesticides and fertilizer runoff, road salts, gasoline, oil, toxins from mining sites and man-made chemicals.

Water from lakes and rivers, or surface water, is also vulnerable to pollutanwisconsin-77929_960_720ts, like runoff from agricultural and industrial byproducts. Surface water can also be contaminated by acid rain and precipitation runoff. Additionally, our everyday water usage contributes to the contamination of our water supply. The water we use to bathe, to wash our dishes and clothes, to cook with and the water we flush down our pipes, finds its way back to our water supply.

There are several other factors and pollutants that contribute to the health of your drinking water. Typically, these contaminants are not at a high enough level to make you sick immediately. The concern is the overall, long-term effects of contaminated water on yours and your family’s health. These health issues are typically caused by repeated consumption and use of polluted water, over an extended period of time.

Having a whofiltration systemle house water filtration system installed can solve several issues that affect your drinking water; including taste, appearance, quality, and safety. A water filtration system works by filtering out contaminants with a filter that is connected directly to your water lines. Meaning that all of the water that comes through your pipes will have to flow through the filter system first.

The type of filtration system you’ll need will depend on the type of pollutants that you need to remove from your drinking water. You can choose a filtration system to remove a specific contaminant if you’re having issues with just a singular chemical; like fluoride, iron, bacteria, etc.  However if you’re looking for a more general filtration system that removes several chemicals; like chlorine, benzene, radon and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) such as herbicides, pesticides, and other man-made chemicals. As an added bonus, carbon filtration systems also remove odors and tend to improve the taste of your water.

Other water filtration options include Ultra Violet Filtration Systems and Under the Sink Filtration Systems. A member of our expert plumbing staff can help you decide which water filtration option would best fit you and your family’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Does whole house water filtration sound like an expensive idea? If so, you may want to learn 7 wonderful benefits of using these great devices, which in the long run end up paying for themselves!


Let’s face it.  Tap water simply isn’t safe to drink.  Studies show that cooking with tap water, bathing with tap water, and going about other normal daily activities that require tap water, are also dangerous.  To stay safe, many people are investing in whole house water filtration systems.  Using a whole house water filter is cheaper than drinking bottled water and you will have clean water coming out of every water source in your home.  Here are 7 benefits to having a whole house water filter.

1. Whole house water filtration devices prevent chlorine and other chemical contaminants in tap water from being released into the air (through displacement, evaporation, and steam), so the overall air quality of your home will vastly improve.

2. Whole house water filtration systems provide fresh, clean water for doing laundry, so tap water contaminants don’t get embedded in your clothing.

3. There will be a lot less soap scum on your dishes, in your bathroom, and in your kitchen if you use a whole house water filtration device.  That means you will have a lot less cleaning to do in the long run.

4. Fresh, clean water will come out of your shower.  When you bathe in chemical-free water, you will greatly lessen your risks of getting serious diseases.  When you shower in tap water, the chemicals are absorbed by your skin and enter you bloodstream, and you also inhale the chemicals in the shower steam.  This can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis, as well as cancer.  There are also cosmetic benefits to bathing in filtered water.  Your skin and hair will feel a lot softer.  Chlorine strips your hair and skin of its natural protective oils.

5. For people who have allergies, whole house water filtration systems are highly beneficial because they stop harsh respiratory irritants from being released into the air when you bathe or do the dishes.

6. Whole house water filtration systems can extend the life of your home plumbing system. Fixtures, pipes, and connections will be less burdened with chemicals and sediment, resulting in a purer and clearer flow through them.

7. Whole house water filtration systems provide safer, purer water.  You won’t have an annoying countertop filter cluttering up your kitchen because your whole house filter will stay out of sight.  It will make your tap water much tastier as well since it removes chemicals that affect the taste of water such as chlorine.

Your goal?  Evaluate this information and weigh the pros and cons of having a whole house water filter.  Whole house water filtration systems are highly convenient and effective.  If you want to get pure, clean water from every water source in the house and be 100% protected from the dangers of tap waterFree Reprint Articles, a whole house water filtration system will be of great benefit to you.

Call us today at 1-866-TIGER70 or visit to have one of our technicians share with you how to reach a state of optimum health with a whole house water filtration system!

Water Filtration Systems

tap-waterAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk. EPA sets standards for approximately 90 contaminants and indicators in drinking water. The presence of indicators at a level outside of specified limits may reflect a problem in the treatment process or in the integrity of the distribution system.

You and your family can enjoy purer, better tasting water with water filtration systems that stay out of sight and require little maintenance. For pennies a day, these systems remove undesirable chemicals which may be present in the water supply, along with lead, sediment, chlorine and sources of other tastes and odors.

Options range from whole-house filtration systems to those which reside under your kitchen sink and are tapped at a separate faucet. If water quality, effectiveness and convenience are things you’re concerned about, a built-in filtration system may be right for you. Call us today at 1-866-TIGER70 to learn more about protecting your family’s water.


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